Inspection of SRS

We perform inspection of sealed radionuclide sources and the sources assemblies (SRS and SA) with expired service life in order to the Customer’s competent commission could make a decision to prolong the period. All work is performed in accordance with the guidelines of «Procedure for inspection of sealed radionuclide sources and sources assemblies with expired service life» and include the following:

  • Visual control of SRS and SA;
  • Determination of SRS dimensions;
  • EDR and activity measurement or calculation of remaining activity;
  • Leakage testing.

The measurements are performed by the Accredited Laboratory.

If applicable, inspection can be performed at the Customer’s facilities.

We also propose re-encapsulation of beta-, gamma-, neutron sources (with radionuclides in accordance with the certificates) used in radiation devices. In this case the used source is welded in a new stainless steel capsule.

Only if radiation parameters satisfy technology requirements of the Customer, the SRS with expired service life can be used. Additional shielding capsule shall prolong the service life of sources and shall prevent from leakage of internal capsule.

A re-encapsulated source is a source of a new type which depends on the dimensions and position of the source.

Re-encapsulated SRS has the same with the used source ISO 2919 classification.

Reference sources, calibration sources, control sources, sources on the basis of inert gases and tritium, sources with activities less than minimal significant activity are not allowed for re-encapsulation.

Licences and Certificates

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